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Benefits of Splendore Brain Booster Programme

At Splendore, we provide excellent attention to each child so as to bring out their best potentials. The class size consists of maximum of 4 students.


A prepared learning environment has been established, focusing on developing the whole child—physical, social, emotional & cognitive. The child is to be accompanied by one parent/caregiver as we believe strongly that love from the parents/caregiver play an important role in a child’s cognitive development. Our Directresses are trained to conduct the lesson in a holistic manner.

For our Brain Booster Programme, we have divided our programmes into terms.



Enroll your child to our programme to help your child to reach their best potentials. 

Success of Splendore Brain Booster Programme

At Splendore Montessori, your child will be able to develop &



improve on:


  • Splendid IQ and EQ skills

  • Improved ability to retain facts

  • Increased parent-child bonding

  • Ability to process information

  • Early reading

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Improved memory and attention skills

  • Visual discrimination ability

  • Sharp visualisation

  • Appreciation of music

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Analytical skills

  • Augmented observation skills

  • Strong linguistic foundation

  • Socio-emotional skills

Our programme activities enhancing your child's skills include:

  • Circle time social skills training

  • Right and left-brain activation

  • Cognitive skills development

  • Problem/Puzzle solving skills

  • Language and Numeracy

  • Fine & Gross motor skills training

  • Multi-sensory training

  • Multi/Foreign language stimulation

  • Robotic exploration


Term Fee

Per term basis (No GST)
Trial lesson is available (Subject to available slots).

Lesson Time
Classes are available from Saturday to Tuesday at these timings. 

- 9.00 am 
- 10.15 am
- 11.30 am
- 2.00 pm
- 3.30 pm


Enrolment Form

Please fill in the form below. We will contact you within three working days and help you get started with your child's learning journey.

Preferred Lesson Time Slot

Thank you.

We will get back to you within 3 working days.

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