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We don't just teach. We intervene and journey together to see the success in them

Every child is unique and has great potentials to excel!

Splendore Montessori addresses the uniqueness of each child, the curriculum is tailored to the strengths and challenges of each child. Children are able to work at their own pace to attain mastery of a subject. They can work happily and productively without being worried about being “ahead” or “behind” anyone else.

1) Prepared Learning Environment 

In Splendore, a prepared classroom environment is specially designed for the children, which contributes to the developmental, social, and academic success of the children

2) Developmentally Appropriate Activities

In Splendore, our teaching materials contain multiple levels of challenges and can be used repeatedly at different developmental levels.


3) Personalised & Customised Lessons

In Splendore, for our Brain Intervention Programme, a customized learning plan will be drawn for your child according to his/her individual learning capabilities and age level. Each child receives personalized  attention of guidance to ensure that they are progressing. We conduct close continual monitoring on the child's progress in our centre. 

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