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Daily Life Skills

Let's Move, little muscles and brainy...

The Practical Life hands-on exercises are formative activities which are all needed throughout child development and is lifelong. Children do not only learn about independence, they also learn about responsibilities, correct behavior, good habits and gaining new knowledge.  They take into account the natural impulses of special periods of childhood. 


Practical hands-on activity is part of the curriculum designed in Splendore classroom for the children to promote the children's development by exploring daily basic skills. They are simple concrete exercises that help the child to adapt to the world around them and help them on their way to self perfection and can be used daily at home and at school. They are the tools to assist the children to develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally during their formative years (0 – 6 years old).


“Dr. Montessori has developed an educational program for children that stimulate brain growth.”

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