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Unleash Your Child’s Potentials through Splendore’s Brain Booster Programme

The Brain Booster Programme is specially designed for developing the whole child—physical, social, emotional & cognitive during their formative years (2 to 3 years old). A prepared learning environment had been established, with an excellent class ratio for effective learning. The child will be accompanied by one parent as we believe strongly that love from the parents play an important role in a child’s cognitive development.

The programme focuses on:

1) Cognitive Development Stimulation

2) Language and Numeracy

3) Fine Motor Skills Improvement

4) Eye-Hand Co-ordination Enhancement

5) Multi-sensory training

Trial Classes are available from 24 September to 17 December 2022.

Limited slots available! Secure yours now to give your child a head start.

Enroll now to enjoy exclusive privilege when you sign up for the Term Programme.

Splendore Montessori is a social enterprise, providing Enrichment and Early Intervention Programmes for children from 18 months onwards to the learning milestones of 6 years old.

The uniqueness of the programmes developed by Splendore Montessori over the years, best suit the learning needs of students at individual levels. We provide the best suited learning environment, curriculum and teacher-child ratio for our students.


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